The Goal

In the end of the project we will have a leaflet and a website where we can learn about skills and work in our European countries and what “European Possibilities” we have in these fields

The Aim

On one side we will have an eye on: basic skills like Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technologies. And transversal skills such as the ability to think critically, think creatively, taking initiative, problem solving and working collaboratively to prepare individuals for today’s varied and unpredictable career paths. We will learn how our pupils are prepared in our schools for these skills, how they can be used in everyday life and how they can be helped by us to develop them further. We will determine how these skills are important for the labour market in our different countries. The multinationalism of our project should give teachers and students information about possibilities after graduation and different ways of application for jobs.

On the other side, teachers and students have an eye on the way for vocational choice, job hunting and making future plans, and collaboration of skills and job hunting. We will compare the different ways in different countries how each country prepares their students for this way involving all of our target groups. We will learn in a transnational context about how schools help pupils to get ready for the labour market, possibilities after graduation, the way of application for jobs and what kind of different jobs are popular for our students in our countries. In this context we will find out what possibilities foreign pupils have in finding a way of gaining foreign experience in Europe.

DenmarkGermany Latvia Poland Slovenia Spain

The results of three years work are gathered and available here

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