The fifth Erasmus+meeting in Valencia, Spain


Tired of the rainy summer, with lots of enthusiasm we went to sunny Spain. New chance to meet the old friends, make new ones, lots of expectations to have new experience.

As always, the meeting started with a spectacular concert, ice-breaking games and an excursion around the school. Then, serious work on project materials: classification of questionnaires, discussion of European Possibilities. This time two teams had prepared creative workshops: Slovenia and Denmark.

Our chief-coordinator Suzanne led the discussion “If you want to work in my country”. Students presented the prepared materials, we shared them. A lot of discussion on unemployment issues.

Jadranka, teacher form Slovenia, had prepared an exciting workshop “Creativity”. Film vs Book? Students watched the film and read the same extract from the book, looking for similarities and differences, accompanied by vivid discussions, then, the results of the discussions were presented in different styles. It turned out our students were good actors. By the way, not a surprise.

Danish teachers had prepared very dynamic, attractive workshop “Team Work and Leadership”. Lots of games, discussions. Both students and teachers took part with great enthusiasm.

Spanish colleagues had organized an interesting lecture about Non-verbal Communication and Job Interview. Very useful information for our students – future employees.

Traditionally, we visited the local authorities and got acquainted with the School System of Valencia  and importance of the Erasmus+ project in the context. Also we visited the local vocational school and learned about the professions taught there, had a discussion with the teachers and students.

As always in our meetings, we had a wonderful opportunity to visit a special local enterprise, this time it was a workshop, where exclusive guitars are produced. Informative, exciting excursion. Then, a porcelain plant and , of course, the famous Oceanographic Museum Arca del Mar.

Another memorable trip, lots of impressions, thank you, friends from Spain!

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