The third Erasmus+meeting in Trzydnik, Poland

This time we met each other in Poland, a picturesque remote town Trzydnik. Neither the cold wind nor heavy rain could destroy our good mood, excitement and overwhelming emotions for being together again.

Before leaving Krakow, where we spent the first night in the hotel, we visited Salt Mine and had a tour in the city, then proceeded to our final destination- Trzydnik.
The following days were fulfilled with many interesting and educational events, European Possibilities workshops, as well as various creative tests for our talents and abilities.
But first we had a pleasure to receive a very nice welcome from our hosts, Polish friends, and even learned the traditional Polish Polonaise.
After discussing the differences and similarities in our school systems, in context of European Possibilities, we had a nice traditional Polish meal, Pierogi, and had a wicker workshop.
 The following day started with another workshop, ” social-and-communication-skills“,
and after the workshop we have another time for art – decoupage. But, the day is not over yet, full of energy and ready to learn more, we proceed to the Brick Yard, and see the bricks being made, while tasting delicious baked potatoes, of course, baked right on the spot, as well as cabbage stew, also prepared in a very special way- while the bricks are being made.
You might think we are tired after such an exciting day and want to have a rest? No, not us ! Gladly we accept the next challenge – art workshop. We open ourselves to new opportunities and in the end, each of us takes home a personal piece of art.
And then it’s Thursday, we visit another city, Lublin , where we enjoy the tour around the university, and try ourselves in the lab, making cream, lotion and lipstick. Who knows, maybe somebody has a new idea about the possible future profession.
The programme is almost done, we have decided about the next meetings, set new homeworks, but before we leave Poland, one more challenge for our creativity. On our way to Warsaw, we visit the Porcelain Factory, and once again we try our talents, decorating our own porcelain cup.
Once again, the meeting is over. We all have been missing home, the following 164 days we will miss each other, our serious work and pleasant chatting, supporting each other in difficult moments, sharing ideas and learning, growing, getting more experienced together.
Thank you, Anna and Ewa, for unforgettable days spent in your beautiful country.

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