The fourth Erasmus+meeting in Isola, Slovenia

Collage Erasmus+ week Isola

It seemed to be a long time to wait for the meeting, but April is here, and here we are – packing suitcases. This time – Isola, Slovenia. We leave the home-countries with well-prepared homework – interviews with people, who have had Erasmus+ experience. Lots of expectations- the programme includes career education, digital skills.

The first day in Isola greets us with beautiful weather, excellent sea view and full blooming flowers on the hotel veranda. What could be better for the teachers and students from northern countries? Even public transport is not an issue – the school is 5 min walk from hotel.

First Project day offers us a beautiful concert, ice-braking games, excursion around the schoo. After luch, students presented their schools and countries. Then – city game for students and workshops for teachers.

The following days also support us with lots of impressions. The students visit the local television and are interviewed for the programme, teachers visit the port of Coper; later together we visit the Coper Technical school and Hidria enterprise. Anna, Polish teacher, gives us a workshop “ Solving Problems” .

Another day, another activities. Postojna Cave Park – scary, but beautiful. In the evening – a picnic in the school yard with students, teachers and parents. Tasty and homey: we feel ourselves welcome and loved.

The last project day gives us a chance to feel the Ancient Greece. Creative change of looks, and we can take part in ancient games. Exciting.

Everything is perfect: nice weather, beautiful nature, the only sad thought – the meeting has come to the end, and again we have to part. But the project is not over yet, and pretty soon, in September, we will meet in Valencia.

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